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Round 2, was I right July 2016?

Trump Changes Axis of Planet = Family United
That was the headline of my post at the time. My thinking was that as I observed from the outside, not within the USA, I saw something developing that was operating at a level of energy that would “Trump”, (Sorry) all previous political and leadership events in US history.

Washington and Lincoln, not withstanding, Trump has shown to be a hard working, hard charging and predictably obnoxious president. But, if, as I try to be, you are honest with yourself, he has been able to accomplish a lot in his overtaxed 3 short years in office.

I like to equate things to those which the common person can relate. So, for Trump’s presidency, I choose to consider the USA as a large corporation with him as the newly hired CEO.

The Board of Directors in this case is the House of Reps and the Senate. Well, you see how that works now, in large part to the scrutiny given by the media and world press. The people are the employees.

So, word of advice for the BoD, be careful of showing your bias against the new CEO. The company is making a profit, the employees are being well paid, the shareholders are increasing shareholder value, and the competitors are looking to figure out the best way to do business with you, the USA, the company.

In the USA’s two party system, the Dem’s seem ready to fall into a very serious trap. One that is typically used by terrorists when they are sort of or semi aligned with a government. Namely, they seek an alignment with the government in opposition, and then carry out events that are disruptive to those in power or leadership. Those out of power don’t stand up for the terroristic behavior, rather, they simply ignore it since it helps their cause.

The presidential candidates such as Sanders, Warren, and some in the House of Reps, such as, you know them, AOC, and the gang of three, are allowed to say and do things that typically are prohibited. They are allowed to use their energy and stardom, in the twitter-verse, to get fellow opposition and frustrated voters to stay connected to the cause. This is with the understanding of the actual leadership in the DNC, Democratic National Committee and on the left that when the time comes to select the “one” to lead, all the voters that were kept warm and angry with the “terroristic” type behavior will have no other choice but to fall in line and vote for the Democrat selected.

BUT, the USA is not a socialist country, and the USA is not working by secret select few back door deals. The USA is founded on hard work and fair opportunity to pursue your dreams of a better life for you or your family, regardless of religion, color, national background, lifestyle, handicap, or even affiliation. Just play by the rules.

If your side has a better offer, then, offer it. If your company, i.e., Dem’s version of the company, the BOD and the employees will be able to change the direction or even the product of the company.

Can you imagine, actually imagine a Socialist USA? The fact that there are some people who actually think this could happen is an indication of the incredibly poor education system in the USA.

Socialism and its brother Communism lack the proper incentives inherent in a bell curve of talent, motivation, and accountability or ownership.

The dream is always a fantasy until it is applied to YOU!

2020 elections will be nothing but pure excitement. I’m sure there will be a lot of dirt spread, but in the end energy of Trump and his total commitment, I’d even say selfless commitment to the USA is what my overall point is.

You see, when your actions are for sharing or helping others, you can move worlds! That was my message a few years ago and it is true today. Until the Democrats can come to the party to give something rather than taking to receive more power to impose their control to take more from the employees of the company, like union dues, they’ll not stand a chance, again…

The great thing about the USA’s political system is that it is dirty and open. So, all the garbage gets exposed and the light is always the best disinfectant!

Cheers my friends,

Jordan’s King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein is venturing into dangerous watersג€¦My analysisג€¦

The Kings recent pronouncements concerning the actions taken by Israeli security forces on the Temple Mount are not only incorrect, but one step beyond the point of return. His statements took place at the new session of the United Nations General Assembly this past Monday. Recent violence taking place in the area that is supposed to be under the control and leadership of Jordan according to the Israeli Jordanian peace treaty, is very tactfully orchestrated. There seems to be a broader move to position the Palestinian cause ever more increasingly into the media to force the ever increasing lies that are forever spewed by people with either no knowledge, apathy, an agenda, or absolute malice.

It is my assessment however that what King Hussein has chosen to do is to actually sever the only link to his legitimacy in the region. If he forces Israel to take over that area, and prevent an ever escalation of violence, not to mention strategic and deceitful destruction of historical artifacts by bulldozing hundreds of tons of foundational Jerusalem’s old city, then the King will no longer have any connection to the righteous path of humanity. He will go the way of Assad, Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, and others, many of them before him and our modern age that have made the ever fateful mistake of turning their backs on the Jews and Israel.

It is pretty obvious, if you hate the Jews you will not succeed in your life on any level. This portends to countries as well. Denying the Jewish and more importantly, spiritual connection to the area goes against the forces of life, well before and beyond the Muslim faith was a concept. The more you love the Jews and Israel, the higher and faster you prosper, your people live more healthy lives, happiness, purposeful lives, and an economy that in no time will become or maintains steady growth. The basic reason is Love. Love is a powerful motivator and brings light into a person’s life, further increasing an awareness to all things possible. Hate on the other hand is the darkness that envelops people, cultures, countries, economies, etc. that in the end burn themselves out. Have you ever seen any Jewish hating or Israel hating entity prosper? Name one. There are none, and the many that surround Israel are all slowly going the way of the sand dunes that they call home.

Egypt’s Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is the best hope for the region and Arab Islamic world, as he delicately promotes and balances rapprochement and cooperation with Israel as his country slowly gets back in gear. He too should begin to use words like Love Israel, and working with Israeli’s to increase their GDP.

The reasons for becoming closer to Israel are many, but for starters, Israel follows a path that goes directly to the core value system that every human truly wishes to follow, (Provided they can or are allowed to think and act for themselves before brain washing in the soup of Hate). Freedom to self-determination, self-responsibility, loving your neighbor as yourself, and a level of self-criticism and spiritual self-introspection to better ones self that actually leads to great countries like the United States of America and Israel. Imagine what the Middle East could look like if each country 67 years ago embraced the new country of Israel, and Palestine that was born after thousands of years of injustice towards the worlds Jews. I’m telling you that for 100% sure, you’d have a paradise like no other. But first, Love has to exist.

In Israel, most of the world doesn’t even understand the reality of so many Arabs proud or at least happy to be Israeli and work, shop, heal, and live in perfect peace and friendship in Israel proper. They know the alternative and what that would look like. They may not understand that Love is the answer and that is the umbrella that currently protects them. Their sick leaders who unfortunately are scared to stand up to what’s right, continue to let their people down as they follow the easy path to a paycheck, United Nations handouts, and succumb to threats of death by the same pay check handing out patrons, i.e., Iran and some other wealthy backers.

So, I call on King Hussein to step back from the brink and choose to be a true leader of your people and join a thoughtful discussion on the best way to manage and SHARE a space that is holy for Jews and Arab Muslims alike. Everybody knows that is honest, that the Jews were the first monotheistic group that inhabited this area. I have always said that if the Jews were originally better at Marketing, the world would be Jewish and there would be no argument, Christians, or Muslims. The Jews would have just cut off your head, arm, or killed you unless you convert. Seems like that’s a pretty powerful and successful way to get followers, right? This as well, is another post. Once King Hussein chooses to side with the purveyors of hate, lies, and insurrection, he then becomes trapped as they escalate their demands on his opinion and by then, Israel will be a much harder phone call to make. Israel is and always will be the best hope for mankind, the true canary in the coal mine, and the light among nations. The Torah is the foundation of all common law in the world, and nobody can deny that they feel better when they share Love vs Hate. King, choose Love.