Moshe Avraham

Moshe Avraham perspective is everything
Moshe Avraham perspective is everything

Dear friends and readers, it is my intention to share a perspective on events, situations, general topics, and perhaps other interesting things to each of you, and hopefully create a spark or thought that otherwise was not there before. My passion is to always fight for the underdog and for what I see as a just cause, big or small. I know that my views may be extreme or harsh, but behind them is a deep love for you and all your family and friends. I believe that Love is the true essence of what we all need to experience and give or share in our lives, and once we all realize that, true peace or light can penetrate the darkness in the world. Awareness is critical however, and that’s one of the motivations for my posts.

My background is fairly unique; I’ve lived for many years in a Roman Catholic environment with all the trappings, as well as Orthodox Jewish world, both for many years. So, from a religious or spiritual standpoint, I’ve experienced both and many other philosophies that at their root come from a good place.

In terms of military, I’ve served in the U.S. Navy, and lived in the Middle East for many years. This early international perspective taught me many things about perspective, values, cultures, and lies, distortions, political power plays, as well as the person to person love that I have seen all over the world.

Working in the advanced technology area in many different fields for more than 35 years has been exciting and I’m truly a techie junkie. Sitting in the front seat of this fast changing world, especially from the position of start-ups, is addictive, frustrating and amazing all at the same time.

You’ll see that I’m very positive about Israel and the United States of America. I believe that both of these countries are vital for the Earth and humanity at large as they both represent different or if you like, ying and yang sides to a whole. Their success is vital for a bright future that all nations and people can stand behind. My posts hope to clarify and spread power to that success.