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Resurgence of an Ancient Honey Bee Primary Healing Method, now in your back yard!

Honey Bees enjoying the sun
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Slight change in post topic, not a typical subject by any means. When’s the last time you thought about being stung by a honey bee on purpose? We each discover things based on our immediate need or from people sharing their own stories. In my case the discovery was what’s referred to as Apitherapy or BVT, Bee Venom Therapy. This may sound totally crazy, but after my personal 13+ years of practice and study this is really something everybody should know about. 3,500 years ago, in the time of the Pharaohs, bee keepers noticed that their arthritic knees and joints would stop hurting and operate smoother following accidental stings from their honey bees. So, that launched a very comprehensive effort to use bee venom and bee products like Honey, Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Bees Wax, etc. for various healing needs. I like to say to people that this is “God Pharmacy on Earth” given to us to use as we may discover various essentials and uses. Honey for example is the only food that doesn’t spoil when left out or uncovered. This is due to the properties, hydrophilic of honey, it basically dehydrates any bacteria. Honey is also the best skin topical treatment you can have for just about any skin ailment. Try it, can’t hurt, right?

BVT is used for many things and you can learn more about it by going to this web site if you like: http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=50602 . But for starters, if you have rheumatoid, arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint pain from sport stress, pain from scarring after a surgery, multiple sclerosis (MS), nail fungus, Non-essential tremor, or other conditions for example, check into BVT. I have been treating people and myself as requested from time to time, for many of these conditions and others including more serious conditions and find this treatment very effective. In many cases, the results are immediate, such as in the burning and tingling effects of MS, one sting often times stops the problem instantly. In others such as arthritis, it takes time for the venom to dissolve the calcium build up on the joints. (Research studies in the U.S. back this up.)

Mellitin, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melittin) an agent found in the bee venom, (Melittin seems to stimulate cortisol produced by adrenal glands via pituitary gland, similar to cortisone treatments administrated by doctors every day.) is one hundred times stronger than cortisone, and is also used as a fatty lipid for weak myelin sheath locations for the protective coating of nerve fibers. The Mellitin administered locally seems to be used by the body to fill in the gaps and promote normal functioning. Another of the ~ 100 ingredients is adolapin, which is both anti-inflammatory and pain-blocking. In any case, the body is supercharged to heal itself after stinging, which is what is needed in the end to help treat many of these difficult conditions.

Caution must be used of course; you don’t just go out and sting yourself. There is a very careful procedure to follow, and every person is different in their reaction to the stings. Almost every person I’ve treated, including myself said at the beginning of the treatment or discussion, “I’m allergic”. I always say there’s no such thing, everybody is sensitive to a different degree. I can start with an “allergic” person and gradually increase to several stings in two weeks with no reaction. But this is serious and should be done with a well-practiced Apitherapist. Apitherapists exist all over the world and so if you find yourself searching for answers or are unhappy with having a doctor’s knife cut into your body or other chemicals swimming in your blood stream, give this a check. Research a local experienced Apitherapist or do the research yourself, you’ll be amazed at the power you’ll suddenly have in your life for just about everything that you would typically visit your doctor for. Doctors by the way will be totally un-aware of this practice and of course would you rather pay them, then heal yourself naturally. You really have nothing to lose except the pain, and perhaps even save and prolong your quality of life!